How to Fix Obscured Addresses on TikTok Shop Orders

This help guide provides a solution for when asterisks (***) hide the address on your TikTok orders.

Updated over a week ago

If you're having difficulty with your TikTok order addresses being obscured by asterisks, don't worry: it's easy to fix!

All you need to do is make sure that your TikTok shipping template is correctly set up for your products, and then TikTok will stop removing the address from your orders.

Provide the address for any orders in production

To start with, let us know the address of any existing orders so that they can be shipped. To do this, simply click "Print Document" on the order and a label with the customer's address will appear.

Send this to our support team via chat or along with your Inkthreadable order number, and we'll take care of updating the address for you!

Fix the issue for future orders

Finally, to prevent this from happening again in future, you'll need to update your TikTok products so that they use a custom shipping template.

We have a guide which explains how to do this step-by-step, and you can find it below. Follow the instructions in the article, and you should not experience any further issues.

If you have any other questions about TikTok orders, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to help. πŸ‘‹

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