Setting up your TikTok Shop shipping rates

Learn how to set up your shipping options for UK deliveries from Tik Tok Shop.

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You must create a shipping template in TikTok before you can start selling Inkthreadable products. Follow this guide to get set up!

Step 1: Create the Shipping Template

From the TikTok Shop Seller Center, click Shipping > Shipping Template.

Firstly, edit the existing Shipping Template.

Change the Template Name to "Inkthreadable Shipping". (Your customers won't see this, it's only for you to refer to later.)

Step 2: Edit UK Shipping Costs

Under the Shipping Fees Template, the regions GB-Mainland and Remote will be auto-populated, but we need to add our own rules to ensure customers are charged the correct amount for shipping:

  • Edit the first Region and change the Region Name to "UK Royal Mail 24 Tracked". Click OK.

  • Then, amend the first weight range of this region to have a max. weight of 0.1kg, and a cost of £2.76.

  • Click + New Rule and enter the next max. weight of 0.699kg, with a cost of £4.35.

Add new rules with the rates in the following table to complete the profile. It may seem unnecessary to add rates up to 30kg. However, this is a requirement of TikTok Shop.

Weight Range (min)

Weight Range (max)

Cost (GBP)
















Once you've finished, it will look something like this:

Step 3: Edit UK Region

Next, we must edit the shipping regions to include all UK shipping destinations.

We charge the same rates for remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands, and so we recommend deleting the "GB-Remote Areas" region and adding those to your UK Royal Mail 24 region:

  • Click Delete under GB-Remote Areas.

  • Then Edit the UK Royal Mail 24 region we renamed earlier.

  • Add Shetland Islands, Isles of Scilly, Orkney Islands, Highland, Isle of Anglesey and Northern Ireland by typing each one separately and then ticking the box that appears.

    (This field is case sensitive, make sure to capitalise the first letter of each place name as above.)

  • Once each place is added to the region, click OK and Submit to save.

That's your UK shipping profile complete! Now we need to switch off the standard shipping that TikTok Shop tries to use automatically.

Step 4: Switch off "Standard Shipping"

In the TikTok Shop Seller Center, go to Shipping > Shipping Options.

Under Shipped via platform, switch off the toggle next to standard shipping:

Then, make sure to check that Shipped from seller is toggled on:

This means the shipping template you made earlier will now be used as a default for your TikTok products.

Now you're ready to create new products!

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