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How to Export Products to TikTok Shop - Step-by-Step Guide
How to Export Products to TikTok Shop - Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps on how to export a product from Inkthreadable and list it in TikTok Shop.

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If you're a merchant looking to get your products in front of the growing TikTok community, exporting your products to TikTok Shop is the way to go. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Before you start, you must have a shipping profile set up in TikTok, and you must also have your TikTok Shop linked to Inkthreadable. Once you've done that, we can begin!

Step 1: Choose a product

Begin by selecting the base product you'd like to add your design to (if you have already made the product and stored it on your Inkthreadable account, jump right into step three!).

We will use our most popular t-shirt, the Creator, for this guide. But you can use any product you like - view them all here.

Step 2: Upload your design

Once you select a product, the page will load up with all the options necessary to create your first product.

On the product page, the first icon you'll need is the upload icon (third from the right, an arrow pointing upwards). Click this and navigate to your print file.

Once uploaded, you can drag, drop, resize, or delete the image from the control panel below the mockup. When you're happy with its positioning, select the colour you'd like to use for your mockup.

Then, hit Create product.

Step 3: Export the product

To start exporting this product to TikTok Shop, click the export icon (second from the right; an arrow pointing to the right).

Here you can adjust your product details before uploading it to TikTok.

Before adding details to your product, there are a few things to be mindful of. TikTok is pretty strict about what you can include in your listings, and they won't let you say anything subjective such as "this is the best t-shirt for women!". Stick with descriptive words and facts to avoid any problems.

Be sure to complete these required fields:

  • Title: Make sure your customers are enticed by what you're selling! By default, the title of your product will be a combination of the item and its design name. To make it more attractive, take a few moments to jazz it up.

  • Description: When shoppers view your Etsy product page, this is the description they will see. Basic information about the item (materials used, weight) is already included by default. We suggest keeping that data since customers find it useful; however, you may also wish to add more details regarding your design!

  • Brand: Use this field to select which brand you'd like assigned to this product, and we'll include custom packing slips in your orders.

  • Label: Select the brand label you'd like printed on the neck of this garment. (The option for a label isn't always available; it just depends on what product you're creating. You can find out more about re-labelling here).

  • Resale price: Enter the price you'd like to list this product at in your TikTok store (we recommend at least doubling the cost of the product).

The options under the Product Options heading will create your product variants in TikTok. You can add one or multiple colours and sizes (or any other variants, depending on the product you're creating).

Select the first colour you'd like to add, then click the list icon in the top-right corner to add all available sizes for that colour. Do this for each colour you'd like to add.

Any variations you add will be added to the 'Variations for Import' box to confirm the available variants. You can include up to 100 variations in total.

Next, you'll need to select the relevant TikTok category for your product.

If you're uploading a unisex t-shirt, you'll need to select either Menswear > T-shirts or Womenswear > T-shirts, depending on your target audience (these categories are pre-determined by TikTok, so we can't add a Unisex category, unfortunately).

Finally, click Export to TikTok.

Once the process is complete, the button will turn green, and you can click View on TikTok to open your TikTok Shop.

Step 4: Check the Approval Status

Take a closer look at your product through the TikTok Seller Center and make sure all the details are accurately listed. Your item won't appear on the platform immediately, and it'll now be pending approval by TikTok's review team.

If your product fails to meet any requirements, you will be notified within 24 hours and can make relevant changes via the TikTok app.

You can also view the status of your listings in the TikTok Integration on the Inkthreadable website.

What next?

When a customer orders your new product, the order will be received by Inkthreadable automatically. Once you've paid, we'll produce and ship your order within 3-5 working days, and we will email you to confirm once the order is on the way.

However, due to limitations with the TikTok API, we won't be able to update the fulfilment status of your TikTok Shop orders automatically.

You will be responsible for updating the order in the TikTok app once it's been shipped.

When we email you to confirm that your order has shipped, please update the order on TikTok within 15 days to prevent your order from being cancelled. Learn more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team via chat or email

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