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Re-labelling is completely optional. 

But we always recommend it to both new and established stores, and even we'd go as far as to say if you're serious about making your brand a success it's not optional at all. 

Inkthreadable offer two re-labelling options:

Printed (+ £1.44 per garment)

These are printed using our DTG technology in exactly the same way that we print most garments. Pre-treatment is applied to the inside neck before it's printed and then heat-pressed to cure it. 

You'll need to source your labels designs yourself much like you would your print files. The same file type necessary for DTG printing is required for your DTG labels: a 300dpi PNG saved in RGB colour mode.

To add printed labels to your account head to your Drop Shipping page and click the Add new brand link. Upload as many labels as you like, there's no limit, so go nuts and add variations for different sizes or different colours of t-shirt. You'll select which label to apply to a garment during the checkout process

Woven / Sewn (+ £0.60 per garment)

In the long term woven labels will work out cheaper than DTG printed labels, but they require an upfront purchase of at least 250. It's then an additional 60p per garment for the re-labelling itself. 

  • 250 woven labels = £150.00 (inc VAT)
  • 500 woven labels = £174.00 (inc VAT)

If you'd like to rebrand with woven labels you'll need to get in touch with us to see if you're eligible. We'll work with you to get these set up in your account.

Which brands are best to re-label?

We always recommend Continental Clothing. They're unbranded, apart from the label sewn into the side seam with their logo (which is required by law), so any Continental Clothing garment you use for fulfilment can be branded with your own labels very easily.

  • Continental Clothing - All of their products are manufactured with only a sizing label in the neck. Any details legally required is contained in a label sewn into the inside seam.
  • Skinnifit - These products are manufactured with a mixture of removable and non-removable branded neck-label. It varies by product. Where possible we will remove the Skinnifit label before shipping if you've opted for either a printed or woven label. Again, any information required by law is included in a label sewn into the side seam. 
  • Anvil - Anvil manufacture their garments with tear-away labels so we can remove these and leave the required legal information on a label int eh side seam. Again, for these branded labels to be removed you'll need to opt for either a printed or woven label.
  • AWDis - These garments are manufactured with tear-away labels which can be removed without compromising the legal information required by law. And you'll need to opt for either a printed or woven label for these to be removed.
  • Bella & Canvas - B&C manufacture their products just like Anvil and AWDis, meaning their tear-away branded labels can be removed if you've opted for a printed or woven label. The required information will be included on a label in the side seam.
  • Gildan - These products are manufactured with two labels in the neck, but only one can be removed. The second label contains the required legal information so it has to remain untouched.
  • Sol's - Unfortunately we can't remove the Sol's branded label for most garments, though the following are unbranded: Sol's Imperial FIT, Sol's Camo T-shirt, Sol's Mixed, Sol's Regent FIT.
  • Re-branding children's clothing - Unfortunately we can't re-label any clothing for kids. We can't DTG print labels in hoodies and sweatshirts anyway because of the fluffy lining, but the garments are also too small to allow for woven labels to be sewn in the neck.

Details to include in your DTG label

The maximum printing size for a label is 8x8cm. If your file is larger than this it'll be printed to the maximum size possible. We'll always print to the size you upload, so if you want a label at 4x8cm just upload it at this size to your account. The details we recommend you include in your label are:

  • Garment size
  • Fabric (i.e. 100% cotton)
  • Care instructions (Wash at 30, inside out. Do not tumble dry, do not iron directly over the print)

Here's an example. Your labels don't need to look anything like ours, it's just to give you an idea of what you should aim for:

If you have any questions about our re-labelling services you can get in touch with us through Live Chat, calling our office on 01254 777 070 or sending our customer service team an email

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