Create a new product on TikTok Shop

Learn how to create a new product on Tik Tok in 5 steps.

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You will need to upload one product before your TikTok Shop is officially opened, and this guide will show you exactly how to create a new product listing.

Before you get started... You must already have a shipping template set up in your TikTok Shop to create new products. If you haven't done this yet, please follow our guide 'Setting up your TikTok Shipping rates' and come back once you're ready to create new products.

If you've already got your shipping template ready, let's get started!

Step 1: Download mockup image(s) and take note of product details.

To do this, create a new product on our website or upload a design to any product on our website, and save the mockup image to your PC or mobile device.

You may also wish to note down any product details such as the materials, colour names or size guides as this will be important to add to your TikTok Shop listing.

Step 2: Add new product.

Once you have the mockup image, head back to your TikTok Shop seller dashboard and click Manage Products > Add New.

Basic Information

This information is mostly used by the search engine to enable people to find your product. Make sure to include all relevant information and keywords.

  • Enter a product name. For example I entered "Love Robots Organic Unisex T-shirt".

  • Select a relevant category, in this example it's "T-shirts".

  • Select "No Brand" (unless you have a registered trademark).

  • Fill in any relevant product attributes such as materials, fit and style.

Product Details

This information will be displayed when somebody clicks on your product listing.

  • Upload the mockup image along with any other product images you have.

  • Enter an accurate product description, or copy the details from our website.

Beware that TikTok can be quite strict with their product descriptions, and your product may fail to pass authorisation if you include superlative terms such as "the best t-shirt in the world".

I know it's tempting, but it'll delay your product listing so make sure to keep the description within their guidelines (you could always make a video later to tell people it's the best t-shirt in the world!).

Sales Information

This section lets you choose the options such as colours and sizes, along with setting a retail price for each.

Add colour options:

  • Variation Name: Select Colour from the dropdown.

  • Option: Enter the name of the colour you're selling.

  • If you want to offer more than one colour, click "+ Add an option" and enter another colour name. Repeat until you have all colours listed.

  • Optional: Add an image for each colour by clicking the image icon below the colour options.

The example below has two colour options, Atlantic Blue and Black:

Add size options (if selling apparel):

  • Click + Add Variation.

  • Variation Name: Select Size from the dropdown.

  • In the option field, enter the first size you will be offering.

  • Then, click "+ Add an option" to enter another size, and repeat until you have all sizes listed.

This example product is being sold in sizes XS - 2XL:

Does the product have an identifier code?

  • Select No (1/ Brand or manufacturer does not provide a GTIN).

Step 3: Set your retail price.

Variation list:

Under this heading you will need to add your retail price and available quantities.

  • Click Batch Edit in the top-right corner.

  • Enter your retail price (including VAT).

  • Enter a quantity of 99999 (technically your quantity is unlimited since you're selling with print on demand, so this allows you to sell the same products repeatedly without them going out of stock).

  • Optional: Enter our product code in 'Seller SKU'.

  • Click Apply to add this price to every variant.

Shipping & Warranty

This information is used to calculate shipping costs, and it's important that the product weight follows our own.

Product Weight: Enter the relevant weight in grams.

  • For example, for a t-shirt you should input 100.

Our product weights are as follows and represent grams (g):

Product Dimensions: This is not technically relevant for your print on demand orders, but TikTok requires the field to be filled in.

The average size of our parcels is as follows:

  • Mugs and other homeware: 11cm x 15cm x 9cm

  • Apparel: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm

Step 4: Confirm the shipping cost.

IMPORTANT: Under Delivery Options, select "Custom". ❗

Then, select "Shipped from seller" to use the shipping template you set up earlier.

After clicking this you will see the cost appear below, and if you've set up your shipping template correctly, this will also match the cost that we'll charge you to ship this item on its own.

Finally, hit Publish to submit your product to TikTok!

Step 5: Await verification.

To ensure you adhere to their terms of service, TikTok will review your product listing and make it live once accepted, usually within 24 hours. If it's denied for any reason, you can tweak the listing to make it more suitable and submit again.

Hold your horses at this point and make sure to link new products in our integration after verification, otherwise you might have to link it all again if your product is rejected for any reason.

Please come back once your new product has been approved.

Once your product is approved you can link this in our integration to automate order fulfilment:

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