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Learn how to create a new product and save it to your Inkthreadable account

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Log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to your Products page. If you haven't created any products yet, this page won't list anything. But not to worry! We're going to change that. 

All of your custom products are created through our catalogue. So the first step here is to select a product. We're going to use Continental Clothing's N03 as an example, but you can select anything you like. 

There's a lot to take in on a product page: 

  • Down the left-hand side, you'll see your blank product with seven buttons to help you turn it into something unique.

  • At the top, you'll see the price of this particular product. This price includes the garment and a single print. It also includes VAT, though if you're exempt (or prefer to have prices listed excluding VAT) you can toggle VAT calculation on or off by clicking the currency symbol in the top menu navigation bar.

  • Selecting a colour will change the colour of the mockup, though this option, along with the size, brand, label, resale price and quantity will only have a bearing on the product being added to your basket. For the purposes of creating your product, all options but colour can effectively be ignored at this stage.

  • At the bottom, you'll see three buttons that determine the outcome of what you do on this page. For the purposes of creating a product, the Create Product and Add to Wish List buttons are the ones we'll use.

Creating your product

Back on the product page, look below the blank product to the seven buttons that facilitate your product creation. There are two you'll want to focus on for now, either uploading your own image or selecting a design you've previously uploaded.

If this is your first product you won't have anything uploaded yet, so click the the button to upload your own image. You'll be prompted to browse your computer. Navigate to the design you'd like to upload and select it. 

For DTG, print files should be a 300ppi PNG. Our maximum print size is 32 x 50cm, though not every product can be printed to this size. 

Once uploaded, your design will appear on the product mockup. You can then click and drag to position your image, and resize to fit your t-shirt how you'd like it printing. When finished, you can preview your design by clicking the preview button (the eye symbol).

Positioning your artwork

You'll notice there's a boundary box on the mockup for each product you're creating, with the size of this boundary detailed at its top right corner. For the N03 that's 320 x 500mm (so 32 x 50cm, our largest possible print size).

This boundary will vary depending on the product you're creating. As a basic rule, t-shirts are 320 x 500mm, and vests and hoodies are 270 x 270mm. 

You can find a template to help you create your artwork to the correct dimensions beneath the mockup for each product on its product page. These templates are PSD files (will open in Photoshop or any graphics software capable of opening PSD files) and are sized perfectly for each product. If you use these files to create your artwork then it will be positioned perfectly when uploaded to your products. 

If you're creating your print files without these templates then you will need to reposition your artwork manually. The product creator has plenty of tools to help you do this.

Clicking the 'Sizes, mm' option at the top left will toggle the dimensions of your artwork and its position relative to the border edges on. (Click it again to toggle off.)

The dimensions of your artwork is displayed to the top right in an orange box. This artwork is currently sized to 224 x 282mm which was set during the placement process above. To resize you can hold shift (to constrain proportions) and drag from one of the anchor points, or navigate to the tool used above to set your dimensions by entering exact values. 

The values in white boxes to the top, bottom, right and left of your artwork indicate the positioning relative to the boundary box. 

Adding a back print

The far left icon will rotate your product, as long as it has a reverse that can be printed on. Click this button and follow the exact same process as above (click either button to add a design, then reposition) to add your back print. 

Please note: adding a back print will increase the costs of the product.

To return back to the front of the product, click the rotate icon again.

Saving your product

As mentioned above, none of the product details on this page have a bearing on your product being saved. These are purely for use when it comes to ordering this product through your account, so they can be ignored for now. 

To save this product, click the Create Product button. It will now be saved to your account. If you return to your Products page, you'll find your product listed under the design that has been uploaded to it. 

Not only is your product saved to your account, but so too is your design. One of the options above was to select a previously uploaded design to add to the product, so in this case, the Skull design is now available to add to any product available without having to upload it again.

Following the process above, we've now added the skull design to a few more products.

Adding a product to your Wish List

Your Wish List will be empty when you're getting started. What you add depends on what you want to use it for. 

Both blank garments and garments with a design can be saved here. So you could use it to access commonly used blank garments quickly, or to access products you order a lot of (if you place manual orders) to speed up adding products to your basket. 

Ultimately, we intend to integrate our Inkthreadable account with an e-commerce platform, so using the Wish List to save products we've created would be a little useless. In this case, saving blank products we intend to use commonly (for adding new designs to our store) would be much more beneficial. 

With no design uploaded, click the Add to Wish List button. The N03 will now be saved to the Wish List, so each time we want to create a new product using it we can find it here much easier than browsing through the product catalogue.

Navigating to your Wish List will show this product now listed (if you've added one).

Head back to the product page or, conveniently, click the product in your Wish List to return to the product page.

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