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Open a new TikTok Shop

How to open your Tik Tok Shop and prepare for the integration.

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Step 1: Sign up to become a seller.

Head to and log in with your business' TikTok account.

Authorise the TikTok account and verify your contact information.

Not yet got a business TikTok account? Sign up here and fill in the application (you may need to wait 1-2 days to be approved as a business account.)

Step 2: Begin uploading your first product.

TikTok will prompt you to add your first product to get started, click "Add Product".

Then, you'll be asked for a warehouse/returns address with a pop-up field.

Please enter your own business address or PO box as we cannot process returns on your behalf.

We also recommend setting up a business phone number and email address if you don't have one already.

Once you submit this, TikTok will ask you to Add Shipping Template.

Follow the guide linked below and come back to finish your account set up once that's done!

Step 3: Upload your ID and await verification.

Then, head back to the dashboard and click on step 2 'Verify Documents'.

Here, you'll need to fill in the relevant forms in the TikTok Shop Seller Center to kick-start your business.

If you're not a registered business in the UK, you can click "Individually-owned business" and type your shop name. Or, if you're a registered business, click "Corporation".

Then, scroll down and upload your company information such as your LTD if you chose corporation.

If you're an individually-owned business, keep scrolling until you reach Owner Information.

Here you'll need to upload a form of identification, such as your driving license or passport.

  • Upload your ID and await verification.

  • Enter business home address.

Finally, click Confirm and TikTok will start the process of verification. This may take 1-2 days depending on the volume of sellers opening new shops.

Why do I need to enter personal information?

There are identification check in place to prevent scam sellers from opening shops on TikTok, but since you're a trustworthy seller there's no need to worry!

Step 4: Link Bank Account

Once you're approved, head back to the dashboard and click Link Bank Account.

Then, enter the relevant details for the bank account that you'd like to be paid into.

Any funds that your customer sends you for a product will be deposited into this account.

That's the legal bits all out of the way, and now you're ready to link to our integration!

Follow the guide below to link your store with our print on demand service:


Any questions? Get in touch by clicking the chat bubble, or email

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