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Troubleshooting WooCommerce Orders Not Received Through Inkthreadable Integration
Troubleshooting WooCommerce Orders Not Received Through Inkthreadable Integration

This help article will guide you through identifying and resolving the issue.

Updated over a week ago

If you've found that your WooCommerce orders aren't being received by your linked Inkthreadable account, there could be a few reasons.

Orders placed in WooCommerce can take up to 15 minutes to show up in a linked Inkthreadable account, depending on how your cron jobs are set up.

If it's been more than 15 minutes and the order still hasn't come through, there might be a problem.

This article will guide you through identifying and resolving the issue.

1. Check for Payment Issues

The first thing to check is if there was an issue with payment when the order was placed.

If there was a failed or pending payment, this could prevent the API from being triggered.

To try and push the order to Inkthreadable from your WooCommerce admin:

  • Change the WooCommerce order status to "On Hold" and click Update.

  • Change the WooCommerce order back to "Processing" and click Update.

  • If your store is connected correctly, the order will be received in your Inkthreadable account, and an order number will be applied to "Order Notes".

If trying to push the order via WooCommerce didn't work, we recommend placing the order manually on our website to get it in production ASAP, and then completing the following checks to fix the issue for future orders.

2. Verify Product Linking

Another reason your order may not have been received is if the product is not linked in the integration.

You can check product links by going to WooCommerce Preferences and checking the status of each product in your store.

Products aren't linked.

If the products from the order are not 100% linked, that will be why the order didn't come through.

Please follow further instructions for how to link products to ensure future orders are received automatically: Link existing WooCommerce products.

Products are 100% linked.

If your products are linked correctly, there's a deeper issue, and you'll need to do further checks.

3. Check Cron Job Settings

Cron jobs in your WooCommerce settings send orders through the API to your linked Inkthreadable account.

If products are correctly linked, and orders don't come through, then cron jobs are most likely to blame.

You'll need to look into your settings and ensure your cron jobs are running every 15 to 30 minutes.

These resources can help explain how to set up cron jobs in WordPress: 'How to View and Control Cron Jobs'.

If you're unsure about checking cron jobs, you may wish to contact your web developer for assistance.

4. Test for Plugin Conflicts

If your cron jobs are set up correctly, the last place to look is at your plugins. You can determine if a plugin is the problem by testing orders with and without plugins enabled.

  1. Turn off all plugins.

  2. Place a test order in your WooCommerce store.

  3. Wait out the 15 to 30-minute timer from your cron jobs.

  4. See if the order came through to Inkthreadable.

If the order comes through, you can re-enable each plugin one by one and follow the process above to see which caused the issue. Then leave the offending plugin disabled.

πŸ‘‹ Contact Support

If none of those solutions have worked, please reach out to us. There may be a deeper underlying issue, and we'll need our developers to look closer into it.

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