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Tracking your order status

Learn how to track the internal status the orders placed through your Inkthreadable account

Updated over a week ago

Not to be confused wth tracking your parcel after it has shipped - tracking your order status can be done through your Order Tracking page.

This page displays the current status of your orders, and if any are unpaid you can complete payment to send the order into production. At the top of the page is a summary of the different statuses your order will be assigned: 

  • Received: Your order has been received and is waiting on payment before entering the production queue.

  • Paid: We have received confirmation of payment; your order has entered the production queue and will be shipped within 5 working days.

  • Internal Order Query: Your order is on hold pending a query. If your order has been marked for a query and a member of our team hasn’t been in touch, they will be very shortly.

  • Shipped: Production has been completed and your order has been scanned as shipped. Please refer to our shipping information for estimates on shipping times.

Using the drop down menu, you can select an order to view. 

This order has been marked as received, meaning that it has been placed in my account, but payment has not been made and it has not entered production. Below this drop-down menu, there's a more detailed overview of the order including the shipping and billing addresses and the products included.

Since I want this order to ship as soon as possible, I'll need to pay for it. There are three options: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Credits. The option to pay using credits will only be available the account has previously been credited. 

After selecting my payment method from the drop-down menu, clicking Pay for this order will take me through the payment gateway. After completing payment, the order will be marked as paid and production will begin.

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