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Adding DTG labels to your garments

Learn how to set up your brand profile and add DTG labels to your garments printed on-demand

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Follow this guide to set up your brand profile and apply DTG printed neck labels to your t-shirts and more!

Step 1 - Create a Brand Profile

To create a Brand, log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to your Brands page.

Click the Add new brand button, or Menu / Manage if you've already started setting up a brand profile.

Tip: Creating a brand profile will also enable custom branded packing slips for your orders which can be included free of charge!

Step 2 - Upload your Label Print File(s)

Your labels will be printed using the same method as for any DTG printed garment, so your print files will need to be of the same quality (300ppi PNG in RGB, find out more here).

The maximum size of your label print will be 8x8cm, and we recommend uploading your label file at this size.

Uploading your labels is as easy as heading to the Labels tab, clicking the Upload button and selecting your labels from your computer.

You can add them one at a time, or in bulk by selecting multiple files at once. You can even drag and drop into the specified area.

To save yourself time later we'd recommend you rename your labels to make it obvious which is which.ย For example "Logo for Light T-shirts" and "Logo for Dark T-shirts".

You can upload as many labels as you need for each brand you create, and we recommend uploading at least two versions; one for light t-shirts and one for dark t-shirts.

๐Ÿ’ก Pro tip: Don't want your labels to show through the back of a white t-shirt? Use a neutral grey label design, instead of black, and it won't show through even on the lightest of cotton t-shirts!

Your labels can be any colour you like! But remember, we can't print black on black, or white on white, so creating and uploading variations of your neck labels now will save time in the future.

3 - Adding Neck Labels to your Products

To add your DTG neck labels, first head to your Products page and click Manage on the product you'd like to add a label to.

Haven't made any products yet? Check out our guide to Creating Your First Product!

Select the product you'd like to order, then use the Label drop-down to select the neck label you'd like to have printed.

As you can see, all of the labels previously uploaded to your brand are now available to select from the label list. There are no previews of each label, so naming each individual label to something easily recognisable is important.

The price will automatically update to include the ยฃ1.51 DTG neck label print cost, and the profit margin calculator will also update for you to see how much profit you'll make.

Click "Save Product" to save the changes before exporting this product to your store.

Or, add it to your basket and checkout to order a sample of your new t-shirt with neck label print included!

You're all done!

Remember, we're here to support you at every step of your journey. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Happy selling ๐ŸŽ‰

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