Managing Multiple WooCommerce Stores with Inkthreadable

Learn how to integrate with more than one WooCommerce store at a time

Updated over a week ago

While we don't currently support integrating multiple WooCommerce stores into a single Inkthreadable account, there's a workaround to streamline your print-on-demand process. Here's how:

Create Separate Inkthreadable Accounts

For each WooCommerce store you want to connect, set up a separate Inkthreadable account. These accounts are free and easy to set up.

Ensure Unique URLs

Each of your WooCommerce stores must have distinct website addresses (URLs) for this method to work smoothly.

Streamlined Management

Link each WooCommerce store to its corresponding Inkthreadable account using our standard integration process.

Create a spreadsheet with each account's email address and the corresponding store to make it easier for you to manage down the line.

Important Note

We understand this isn't ideal, and our developers are actively working on a true multi-site integration feature. Rest assured, a more convenient solution is on its way!

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