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How to solve the Shopify error "this order can't be shipped to your location"
How to solve the Shopify error "this order can't be shipped to your location"

Do you get this error when attempting to place an order in your Shopify store? Find the solution here.

Updated over a week ago

Are you seeing this error either when placing a test order or when your customers are attempting to place an order through your Shopify store?

This error appears when attempting to place an order that's either shipping to a destination not covered by the store's market locations, shipping profiles, or when the store's shipping rates do not cover the products in the order.

Enable Market Locations

It's important to make sure that each location is enabled in Shopify.

  • Open the Market settings: Settings > Markets

  • Check Countries/regions you don't sell to

  • To resolve the error message, add a new market for the regions that you want to sell to

For example, if your customer wants to check out with a USA address, you'll need to make sure the United States market is enabled.

Once you do that, they can complete their purchase without any issues.

🌎 If you need further assistance enabling International locations, we explain the full process for adding all locations that Inkthreadable ships to in our Shipping Costs Guide for Shopify.

Check Shipping Rates

Inkthreadable relies on weight-based shipping to calculate your shipping costs.

To make sure your store accurately assigns the right shipping fees in line with what you'll pay Inkthreadable for each order, it's best to use weight-based shipping in your own store as well.

You could be seeing this error for a few reasons:

  1. Your shipping rates do not cover the particular shipping destination or;

  2. Your shipping rates do not cover the weight of the order or;

  3. Your shipping rates are not applied to the products in the order.

The best way to fix this is to follow our guide on setting up your shipping rates to match Inkthreadable's.

By following this guide, you will create shipping rates in your Shopify store that cover all possible order weights and that cover all possible shipping destinations.

Please note: you don't have to follow our guide to the letter. As long as you use weight-based shipping and apply rates up to 30kg, you're free to set up your costs as you'd like.

Need help?

Are you still experiencing an issue after checking your market settings and shipping rates? Get in touch with our team by clicking the Messenger. πŸ‘‰

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