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Packaging your orders

How do we pack your orders?

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We're here to make some incredible products for you, and we promise not to make a mess of our environment whilst we're at it!

Since 2019, all packaging used to ship clothing and mugs has been plastic-free. That means it's made from a combination of paper and cardboard and can either be composted or recycled at home.

Packaging for every product type

  • T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are placed in a weatherproof, kraft paper mailing bag.

  • Mugs and water bottles are safely tucked into our bespoke smash-proof boxes.​

  • Bamboo art prints are presented in acid-free tissue paper and dispatched in a reinforced hardback envelope.

  • Matte & Lustre art prints are rolled in acid-free tissue paper and shipped in a triangular cardboard tube (sans plastic ends).

  • Socks & other small accessories are sent in a hardback envelope.

  • Cushions get a protective kraft paper wrap.

  • Finally, our framed art prints are now packaged in an eco-friendly manner. After placing the print into the frame, we slide it into a protective sleeve made from innovative hexagonal-shaped cardboard. This eco-friendly packaging is then slipped into a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring your artwork's safe and sustainable journey.

Packaging FAQ πŸ“¦

Will my order fit through a letterbox?

The packaging for most single t-shirt orders is compact enough to fit through a standard letterbox. Larger orders will not fit through a letterbox.

How do you package orders with multiple product types?

Each item is packaged separately, then placed into a larger box or bag. The size depends on the order, with a maximum weight of 2kg per box.

For orders exceeding 2kg, we may ship in multiple boxes.

Can you provide printed labels and swing tickets?

While we don't supply swing tickets, printed labels can be added through your brand profile.

Do you provide branded boxes/mailbags?

We're unable to offer branded packing solutions currently. But we do have free branding options! We can include a packing slip adorned with your logo, which is added upon packing the order.

The packing slip is printed in vibrant A4 full-colour and placed inside the parcel. The logo you provide is also printed on the shipping label in monotone.

Note: We no longer provide stickers. Instead, your logo is now added to the shipping label.

Flaunt your eco-friendly packaging! βœŒοΈβ™»οΈ

By choosing to go plastic-free with us, you're showing off your business's green values. Make sure you shout about this on your website and tell your customers how much you care.

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