Setting up your packing slips

Learn how to make the most out of your branded packing slips

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When your customer receives their order they'll be expecting quality. Product quality is one thing, but what about the quality of the order as a whole? The packaging and its contents? 

Packing slips are just one part of the whole, but get them right and they'll reinforce the quality and identity of your brand massively. Inkthreadable includes packing slips with all order as standard as long as they've been set up. They're free and printed on thick, recycled paper.

Setting up your packing slips

You'll only need to do this once — we'll use your chosen template and saved preferences to generate a packing slip for each order. 

Please note: if you're integrating your store a brand profile will automatically be created for you. When you navigate to the brands page, edit this brand rather than creating a new one.

To get started, log in to your account and head to the Brands page. Click the Add new  brand button and you'll see this:

The Company field is your company/store name. You can create multiple brands under one account so this will help you identify which brand you'd like to use when placing orders.

Enter your company/store name, upload a logo and click the Create button.

Your brand preferences page will now load. You'll see three tabs that will allow you to write content for your packing slip, choose the slip template, upload any DTG labels, and upload a brand sticker. For the purposes of this guide we won't need the third and fourth tabs, but you can find out how to upload your DTG labels here and how to set up your brand stickers here.

We'll start with the brand content. 

Content comes easier to some than others, but it's important to get it right. You don't need to worry about SEO or anything too complex with your packing slips since they're physically included in your parcels, but there are a few best practices.

  • Speak with your brand voice. You'll have used a certain voice when creating content for your store and you should continue that on your packing slip. If you're selling geeky merch then go full nerd, or if you're selling offensive novelty stuff then you can be a little tongue in cheek. Write what's right for your brand. 

  • Speak as your brand rather than as a person. Using the pronoun 'we' instead of 'I' is a good example of this. 'We'd love to see you wearing your new stuff; share a photo on socials for a 10% discount on your next order!' rather than 'I'd love to see you in your new gear, Tweet me with a photo to get a 10% discount' for example.

  • Offer a discount. Your customer is holding a branded slip: it's the perfect time to incentivise them to come back. Even if they don't use the code right away they'll likely keep it just in case. 

Customer service contact details.

We'll start with the contact details for your brand. You should include at least one way for your customers to get in touch - email is usually preferred but another, multiple or all may be more suitable for your brand.

Your Company name will already be filled, and we'd recommend at least entering an email address. These details will be included on your slip to let your customers know how to get in touch with you. 

You can use the Address field to give your customers an address to return products to. This isn't necessary, you can include this information on your website, but it's worth noting that Inkthreadable does not accept returns on behalf of your store. 

Tip: Take a look at Circleloop if you need a low-cost, professional business phone number that you can operate from your mobile. 

Packing slips

This is where the real customisation for your packing slips begins. You can change colours, messages and your social media information. 

  • Brand colour
    This colour will be used as the main colour on the packing slips. You can enter your own HEX code or click the colour block to choose from a selection tool. Use your main brand colour if possible, but we'd recommend choosing a darker rather than a lighter colour since the slip is printed on white paper.

  • Custom title
    The custom title is a short-but-sweet acknowledgement to the customer. For added personalisation, use the code ||USERNAME|| to include the user's first name (Thank you, ||USERNAME||! for example). This is the only field that this will work in so take advantage!

  • Custom message
    A short snippet of text to provide more information to the customer about you, introduce them to your brand or offer a more in-depth thank you message.

  • Featured Message
    Everyone loves a discount, right!? This field is intended as a spot to share a discount code with your customer to encourage repeat orders. Just be sure to make the discount code live in your store too! 

  • Social Username
    Enter your social handle here, then select all of the sites that you're active on so that your customers know where they can find you. 

Go ahead and click the Save changes button. 

That's it for the customisation! It's time for the exciting bit now though — viewing your preferences in action. 

Back at the top of the page you'll see the four tabs again. Click the Packing Slip Template tab to view the available templates.

There are three layouts available for you to choose from: Bubbly, Stripy & Shouty. You can preview each to chose your favourite and then click the Save changes button to make it so. 

Your preferences are now saved! You can update these at any time and any saved changes will take immediate effect, meaning any currently unshipped orders will ship with any updates you've made to the packing slip.

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