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Boost Your Brand Visibility with Custom Packing Slips
Boost Your Brand Visibility with Custom Packing Slips

A quick guide to setting up impactful packing slips for your Inkthreadable orders.

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Why Packing Slips Matter

They're more than just order summaries! A well-designed packing slip strengthens your brand image and leaves a lasting impression. Think of it as a mini-flyer tucked inside each customer's order.

We include them free of charge for any customer order with a Brand selected, and they're printed in full colour on thick, recycled paper.

No Inkthreadable Here, Just You!

We're all about putting your brand in the spotlight. That means no Inkthreadable logos or cost pricing on your packing slips. It's your stage, your customers, and your chance to shine! ⭐️

Setting Up Your Inkthreadable Packing Slips

Let's get started! You'll only need to do this once, and the packing slip can then be used for all your customer orders.

Step 1 - Create Your Brand Profile

  • Head to the Brands page in your Inkthreadable account.

  • Click "Add new brand" and enter your brand name / store name.

  • Upload your logo and hit "Create".

New Brand page on with a field for company name and logo image upload

Step 2 - Customise Your Profile

  • Customer Service Contact Details

    • Make it easy for customers to reach you. At the very least, include a dedicated email address for support questions or order issues.

  • Brand Colour

    • This sets the main colour theme for your packing slips.

    • Choose your primary brand colour or a complementary shade.

    • Tip: Darker colours will print better on the white packing slip paper.

Use the HEX code selector to define your Brand Colour
  • Custom Title

    • A short, friendly greeting goes a long way! Use your brand's voice and get creative.

    • Personalise it: Include the tag ||USERNAME|| to automatically add the customer's first name (e.g., "Woohoo! Thanks for your order, ||USERNAME||!")

  • Custom Message

    • This is your chance to shine! Here's where you can:

      • Reinforce your brand personality (fun? sophisticated? geeky? whatever works for your niche!)

      • Briefly introduce your brand to new customers.

      • Offer a deeper thank you or special message.

Enter a custom title and a custom message for your packing slip
  • Featured Message

    • Get creative with a marketing tactic here to drive repeat business.

    • Use a tempting discount code to increase returning customers.

      • Make sure it works on your store before including it here!

    • Enter a hashtag for people to tag their photos on social media.

      • Set up a Google Alert to track when people post this hashtag!

  • Social Username

    • Enter your main social media handle for customers to connect with you. If you have different handles across platforms, choose the one you use most.

  • Social Icons

    • Select all the social media sites you use and those icons will be printed on your packing slip to help increase your brand awareness.

  • Hit Save!

Step 3 - Choose a Packing Slip Style

Let's give those packing slips some personality and preview your branding!

Click the "Packing Slip" tab at the top of the Edit Brand page to choose your packing slip style.

  • Bubbly: Perfect for cheerful vibes. Your featured message is displayed in a chat bubble style.

  • Stripy: A classic look with bold stripes in your brand colour, as timeless as your designs.

  • Shouty: Want your packing slip to stand out? This one is bold and bright.

Preview your favourites, then hit "Save" to make your pick official.

For the purpose of this guide we don't need to go into the other tabs, but if you're curious you can find out more about setting those up now too.

Ta-da! Your orders are about to get a whole lot more custom (as long as your Brand is selected on your products, of course).

Every package will leave our hands with that extra touch of your amazing branding. And the best part? You can come back anytime and switch up the template - get creative and have a blast with it! ✨

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