Labels are applied to your garments during the checkout process, but you'll first need to upload your labels to your Brand Profile. 

Uploading label print files

Your labels will be printed using the exact same method as for any DTG printed garment, so your print files will need to be of the same quality (300ppi PNG in RGB, find out more here). 

To upload your label print files, log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to your Brands page. Click Add new brand.

Tip: Creating a brand profile will add packing slips to your orders. These are free of charge and can be customised with your logo and a personal message. Learn more about packing slips here.

You'll be prompted to enter some details: 

  • Store name - the name of your brand/store
  • Customer service phone number - the contact number printed on your slip
  • Customer service email -  the contact email address printed on your packing slip
  • Packing slip message - a personal message from you to your customer. This can be anything you like, though we typically advise a thank you message, returns information and a sample discount code for a future order

You'll also see two buttons to upload files. The Brand logo button adds a brand logo that's printed on your packing slip, but it's the Inside neck labels button you'll want to click to upload your DTG labels. 

Click Upload, then navigate to the folder where you've saved your label print files. You can add them one at a time, or in bulk by selecting multiple files at once. You can even drag and drop into the specified area.

To save yourself a little aggro later, we always recommend customers rename their labels to make it obvious which is which. 

You can upload as many labels as you need for each brand you create, and these black ones uploaded to the Ashink brand won't be any good for printing onto black t-shirts. That means we need some white ones too. 

Your labels can be any colour, it just depends on what colour t-shirts you'll be selling. But remember, we can't print black on black, or white on white, so creating and uploading variations of your neck labels now will save delays in the future.

Once you've uploaded all of your label print files, click the Save. This profile will now be available when you come to add labels to garments before adding them to your basket.

Assigning labels to your garments

Labels are assigned to your products before adding them to your basket. They're not saved to garments, you'll need to add a label each time you're placing a manual order. Working this way means you only need to upload each label once, and you can delete/upload new labels by simply returning to your Brand page.

To add your DTG neck labels, first head to your Products page. This is where you'll add products to your basket to place manual orders. 

Select the product you'd like to order, then use the drop down menus on the product page to select your garment size and the corresponding neck label you'd like to add.

As you can see, all of the labels previously uploaded to the Ashink brand are now available to select from the label list. There are no previews of each label, so naming each individual label to something easily recognisable is important.

You can also add a resale price to your garment before it's added to your basket. If you enter the price your customer has paid in this field, this will be displayed on the packing slip sent to your customer. Navigate to your basket when you're ready to place your order. 

You'll see the options selected on your product page appear listed beside each product in your basket. Take a second to check these details are correct, because if not you can amend them by clicking the Edit button.

Remember: Adding a DTG label to your garment will add £1.51 (inc. VAT) to the total cost.

If you're happy with your order details, go ahead and click the Checkout button to complete the order process. 

Need some help? Click the chat icon below to speak to a member of our team through live chat. Or if you prefer, send us an email or call our office on 01254 777070.

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