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Frequently Asked Questions about Unlimited Colour Embroidery
Frequently Asked Questions about Unlimited Colour Embroidery

Learn more about unlimited colour embroidery and how it differs to standard embroidery.

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Are you looking for a way to create unique and vibrant embroidery designs? If so, try our new unlimited colour embroidery service!

This revolutionary technology gives you the ability to blend colours together in your embroidery designs with no limit on the number of colours used.

Read on to learn more about how this amazing service works and what makes it different from regular embroidery.

How does Unlimited Colour Embroidery work?

Utilising Coloreel technology, this embroidery technique instantly colours the thread during embroidery.

Watch the following video to see the difference between Coloreel and standard embroidery! Not only is it faster, but the outcome is also unique in that the colours are all stitched using one thread.

What are the design limitations?

Our typical embroidery design guidelines still apply, with the exception that you can use an unlimited number of colours.

  • Maximum embroidery size of 10x10cm.

  • Line widths must meet a minimum width of 0.125cm.

  • Minimum text size of 10pt.

Which designs work best?

As this technology embroiders and colours the design at the same time, there are no thread trims. This means it works best for designs that are connected throughout.

If your design has separated elements, please note that a thread will connect each part. This isn't too noticeable, but it's something to be aware of when designing for unlimited colour embroidery.

Here's an example of a design that is connected throughout:

How do I start using Unlimited Colour Embroidery?

To make sure we offer the best experience, we're limiting access to Unlimited Colour Embroidery to existing users until we have a better idea of the expected volume.

Once this is running effectively, we'll also open up to new users.

If you're an Inkthreadable customer, please request access at the following link:

Once you've been approved, we'll email you with more information.

Please note that our web mockups are not suitable for unlimited colours yet, but our team is on hand to produce any mockups you need within one working day.

Want to find out more and see some examples of designs we've embroidered? Learn more.

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