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Using your Favourites list

Learn how to take advantage of your Favourites list

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Your Favourites is a place to save the products you use often.

You can save the blanks used to create your custom products to easily come back to them later, or you can save your customised product with designs already saved.

Saving blank products to your Favourites

Save time by adding the blank products you commonly use to your Favourites list.

To add a blank product, click the Add to Favourites button on its product page. 

If you head to your favourites after clicking this button, you'll find the blank product listed along with any others you've added.

Repeat this process for any products you use regularly, and when it comes to adding a new range of products to your store, you'll be able to find them all easily!

You can then select a product and add your design in exactly the same way as if you were browsing our catalogue.

Saving custom products to your Favourites

If you ever want to place orders manually on our website, you can save time by having custom products saved to your favourites list.

It works in a very similar way as for saving blank products.

Head to your products page and select one of your designs (or if you haven't already created the product, you'll need to do that first!).

Beneath each custom product, you'll see an Add to Favourites button. Click this to add the particular product to your list.

And again, if you navigate to your Favourites, you'll find any custom products listed alongside others you've previously added.

Removing Products from Favourites

To remove products from your Favourites, navigate to the page and click Remove from Favourites under the product you'd like to remove.

If you need to remove all products, click Empty Favourites in the bottom-right corner.

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