Troubleshooting the Wrong URL Error for WooCommerce Integration

Learn how to address the Wrong URL error when installing the WooCommerce integration.

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If you're seeing the wrong URL error, several possible issues could be causing this issue.

The most common of these is that your permalinks are set to "plain", and need to be changed to either "shop" or "custom base".

Update Permalink Settings

To do this, head to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Settings > Permalinks.

Change the settings under the Permalink structure from 'Plain' to 'Shop' or 'Custom' base, and then try installing the integration again.

If changing the permalink settings does not fix the issue, you should also try changing your Geolocate settings.

Disable Geolocation

Head to WooCommerce Settings > General and scroll to "Default customer location".

If this setting is set to "Geolocate", it may block our API from connecting to your store.

Change the geolocate setting to "No location", and hit Save Changes.

Then try installing the WooCommerce integration again by inputting your URL.

Once this is successful, you can return to your WooCommerce settings and change the Default customer location to "Geolocate" to restore the location function on your website.

We hope this article has helped solve the wrong URL error when installing the WooCommerce integration.

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