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'Why is there no shipping address for an order I received in Shopify?'
'Why is there no shipping address for an order I received in Shopify?'

If you've noticed this happen, it's easily fixed!

Updated over a week ago

Received an order in Shopify but noticed your customer's shipping details haven't been forwarded to Inkthreadable? It's less than ideal, mainly because this is the key piece of information we need to ship your customer's order! But it's an easy fix.

So, what's the problem?

The error is being caused by the way your product is set up in Shopify. If something is set as a digital product it'll be fulfilled digitally, meaning there's no need for a shipping address. So Shopify won't supply us with one. It's great for data protection, but not so great if your product isn't actually fulfilled digitally.

How do I fix it!?

The easiest way is to use Shopify's bulk editor.

Log in to your Shopify Admin. Head to Products and select the product you need to edit. Scroll down to your Variants and click the 'Select all variants' box.

After clicking the Edit Variants button to open the bulk editor, you'll want to add the  'Requires shipping' field (if it's not already there).


Click Save all changes before leaving this page.

Repeat this process for any products that you'll be shipping (whether it's through Inkthreadable or something you'll be handling yourself).

It's a good idea to check through all of your products, just to make sure they're all set up correctly. Spending some time getting it right now could save a customer complaint or a cancelled order in the future!

All orders that have been placed without a shipping address will need updating since this fix won't apply to orders that have already been placed. If you need any further help you can catch us on Live Chat during office hours, call our office on 01254 777070 or send us an email.

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