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How to Update Your Mugs to Borderless Printing
How to Update Your Mugs to Borderless Printing

Learn how to update your existing mug product listings to full-bleed printing.

Updated over a week ago

Have you heard about our new borderless mugs and want to make the most of edge-to-edge printing? In this guide, I'll show you how to update your existing mug product listings to be printed borderless.

The designs that work best with borderless printing are all-over prints and repeated patterns.

If you have a design that doesn't fill the print area with colours or shapes, then you don't need to update to full-bleed printing and can remain with the 11oz mug.

But if you have full designs that will make the most of borderless printing, keep reading!

Step 1: Templating your design file.

It's crucial to template your design file for borderless printing.

Exactly how you do this will depend on how you designed your mug originally.

Find your original design file.

If you have access to the original PSD file or AI file, open that first to apply to the borderless mug template. Alternatively, you can download the current print file from your linked product in the integration (Integrations > Link Products > Edit > Print Files).

Open the Borderless Mug template.

Once you have your original design file, open the Borderless Mug template in your design software. We prefer Photoshop, but you can open the template using whichever image manipulation program you prefer such as Affinity Designer, Procreate, or even free alternatives like Photopea. If you're using Canva, create an RGB canvas with a size of 21 x 9.5cm at a resolution of 300ppi.

Import your design.

Once you have the new template open in your program, import your existing design file.

Fill in the template using your design.

You now need to scale it to fill the area "Full Bleed" in the borderless mug template. Hold down Shift ⇧ whilst dragging from the corner of your design to keep the correct proportions.

Be aware that if you are using a file smaller than 21x9.5, you may lose quality ever so slightly when scaling up. To prevent this, you could use a vector file or a file that is larger than 21x9.5cm.

Hide other layers.

Once you have filled the full print area in the template, hide the instructions, guides and background layers.

Save as a PNG file.

Finally, click File > Export As and save your file as a PNG.

Step 2: Download your mockups.

Head to our Borderless Mug and upload your new templated PNG file to the product designer using the 'Upload your own image' button.

Click on tabpanel

Click the 'Preview' icon to view your mockups and make sure you're happy with the positioning of your design.

Click on tabpanel

View all 3 mockups, and once you're happy with them, close the preview and select 'Download' to save the photos to your computer.

Click on tabpanel

Optional: At this stage, you could also click "Create Product" to save this mug to your account for manual ordering, but it's not necessary if you place orders exclusively via the integration.

Step 3: Update your linked product.

Go to the integrations page and select 'Link Products' under the integration that you're using.

Locate the mug that you want to update (use the search bar if you have a lot of products), and once located, click on Edit.

Click on Edit

Click on Change in the top-right corner.

Click on Change

Type "borderless" and select "Borderless Mug" from the dropdown.

Type "borderless"

Scroll down and check the first variant option, in this case, it's Ceramic / White.

Check  Ceramic / White

Select your Brand profile.

Select Inkthreadable

Delete any mockup images by clicking the X on each one.

Click on highlight

Select 'Upload file' and then choose the mockups you downloaded earlier from the file upload menu.

Scroll down and delete the file under Print files.

Click on highlight

Click 'Upload file' and select the templated file you made earlier from the file upload menu.

Select "orange-borderless.png" from file upload menu

Finally, you'll see that the product shows 100% linked again, which means we're done!

To complete the product, click on Save.

Click on Save

That's all for now! Happy designing, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this process.

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