With embroidery on-demand, you can create custom embroidered products to sell online, with no need for any sewing experience or expensive machinery!

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We have a team of dedicated embroiderers who are passionate about creating your embroidered products, and in this guide, we're going to show you how to create products to add to your store.

We work with customers from all over the world to create their custom embroidered designs and we take care of every detail--from digitising your design to shipping it to your customers. With 32 thread colours to choose from, it's easy to create whatever you want!

You can create your own embroidered products by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Embroidered Product

You may be wondering what kind of embroidered product to sell, so here's some advice for you. Try out embroidery on heavier apparel items such as sweatshirts and hoodies, or accessories like backpacks.

The key thing to remember here is that people are looking for high-quality, fashionable apparel, so make sure the design and product combination you choose is stylish and there is a demand for it.

Once you've chosen your garment, select the product colour that you would like to use for your design. It's possible to add more colours later, but the colour you choose here will be used for your main mockup photo.

Step 2: Create Your Design

When you send your design to Inkthreadable, we work with you to create a bespoke embroidered product that you enjoy wearing and want to share with the world! We always follow your design mockup for embroidery, which means that you don't need to worry about anything being done without your permission.

One of the main restrictions you may face is the level of detail in your design. We can embroider garments to a maximum size of 10x10cm, and all lines should be a minimum width of 0.125cm within this embroidery area.

Colour limitations are also a consideration--both in choosing thread colour and the number of colours in your design. For example, in this design, we have 6 colours, and have chosen them as follows:-

Check out our embroidery design guidelines for more information about designing for embroidery.

Once you're certain that your design is suitable for embroidery, save it as a PNG and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Upload Your Design

To upload your design, click the button Upload your own image under the product photo.

We recommend uploading a file that's templated to the maximum size of embroidery, so for apparel, your file should be 10x10cm. Find the templates attached under the main product photo.

Once you've uploaded your design, you'll need to select up to 6 thread colours. Start out by counting the number of colours in your design, and choose the most similar threads from our 32 colours.

If you need less than six colours, simply choose the ones you need and leave the rest at "None".

To see a design proof, click the Preview icon.

Once you're happy with the mockup, hit Create Product and sit back whilst we save this to your account.

When the product is saved, the page will reload to show you the final product. At this stage, we recommend ordering a sample before adding the product to your store.

Step 4: Order a Sample

For embroidered products, we always recommend getting a sample before selling them publicly.

We may have to simplify your design a little bit for the best quality embroidery, and we want to make sure you're happy with the final design before any orders are shipped directly to your customers.

Having a sample also means you've got the digitising fee out of the way, and can use your new embroidered tee for product photography!

To order a sample of your embroidered product, add the product to your basket from the product page, making sure to choose "No" under "Have you had this design digitised before?".

Step 5: Create a Product Listing

Once you have your embroidered products, how do you get them out there for people to purchase?

Exporting embroidered products to your store is much the same as it is for their printed counterparts, but there is one additional step where you need to select thread colours.

After creating the product, click the Export button to upload this to your store (the second button from the right).

On this page, you should edit the title, description and resale price for your product. This will automatically be added to your store listing.

Product Options

Next, you'll need to select the colour and size variants that you want to offer. If you want to add all available sizes, simply click the colour and then the icon under product options, like so:

Now that your variations for import box is filled in, you'll see that the next section for embroidery colours and positioning is pre-populated based on the product you created. You can edit this here if necessary, but be aware that your existing mockup won't match if you do.

Finally, select the import button that's relevant to your store. Here, we're using Shopify so we select Import to Shopify.

Only the stores you have already integrated will appear here. If you have multiple, you can import to several stores at once by clicking more than one option.

When the product's complete, the button will turn grey and you can select View on Shopify, and see your final product in all its glory!

If you need more guidance for syncing products to your store, please check out our other guides.


Can you change the position of the embroidery?

Our positions are fixed to the Left, Centre and Right Chest.

We cannot deviate from those positions, we found it best to have fixed positioning to ensure your designs are always embroidered in the same place. Some products like Tote Bags and Backpacks will only have one fixed position, and we cannot change this.

Can you embroider my design bigger?

The maximum size of the embroidery is 10x10cm on apparel or 12x5.5cm on caps.

Can you embroider any font?

Yes, you can either choose from our 50+ Google fonts in the product designer, or you can upload a design file with your text in any font!

Be aware that we can embroider more intricate fonts, but the embroidered design must be bigger in size to make sure any fine lines are suitable thickness for embroidery.

The colours don't appear right on the mockup?

If the colours aren't displaying on the mockup, try altering the colours in your design file.

Are there any similar colours being used? Increase the contrast. Are the colours very pale or pastel? Increase the saturation. For the best mockup result, use the HEX codes for each thread colour found in our embroidery design guidelines.

The colour I need isn't there?

We have 32 colours available for embroidery, but if you have any suggestions please let us know!

If you need any further support, please reach out to us via the live chat below, or at support@inkthreadable.co.uk

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