My Etsy order hasn't been received by Inkthreadable?

Find out what to do if your Etsy order doesn't come through to us.

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Any orders placed on your Etsy store should be received within 15 minutes when the products are linked to us. The order will arrive in your unpaid orders page, so check there first to make sure it's not already awaiting payment.

If the order does not arrive in this page, your product has most likely become unlinked.

Place the order manually

The first thing you should do is place the order manually on our website, using your customers shipping address at the checkout.

Don't worry, we never include our own pricing on the packing slips so your customer will be none-the-wiser.

By placing the order manually, we'll be able to get the order into production for you and your customer won't experience any delay.

Check your product and re-link

You will need to re-link the product to make sure we receive orders in future. Etsy products can sometimes become unlinked if you make any changes to the Etsy listing after exporting.

Head to your linked Etsy products on the preferences page below:

Locate the product that's been ordered using the Etsy product name.

Check the bar on the right-hand side, if this shows anything less than 100%, the product has become unlinked.

Re-link the product

Click Edit on the product

Tick the box on the left-hand side.

Make sure the details match on both the left and right side.

This is the most important step, because the information on the left is how your customer orders the product, and on the right is how we receive the order.

If this is incorrect, it can cause orders to be received incorrectly.
Once the product shows 100% linked again, we'll receive orders as normal going forwards. Any orders that were already placed won't come through to us at this point, which is why you should place the order manually.

My order has come through - but it's the wrong size/colour?

If your order has been received but the details are incorrect, this is caused by an incorrect product link.

You should check the product link, and update the drop-down selections to avoid orders being wrong in future. Make sure to scroll down and hit Save to keep any changes you make!

If the order has already been paid on our website, send us a message as soon as you notice. If the item hasn't entered production yet then we may be able to update it to the correct size/colour.

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