Set up your Squarespace brand profile

Learn how to set up your Brand Profile to include DTG printed labels and branded packing slips with your Squarespace app fulfilment orders

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Once you've installed the integration, it's a good idea to set up your brand profile before creating or linking any products.

Packing Slips

Packing slips can be included in your parcels free as standard and contain only the information you add on this page, along with details of the items included.

Click the 'Edit your Brand Profile button to load the Brand page.

Here, you can add information about your brand which will be printed onto the packing slip, including your logo, custom message, social handles and more.

The first thing to add is your logo. This will appear at the top of your packing slip to reinforce brand identity when your customer opens their parcel. To add a logo, select the Brand tab, and then click the upload button and select a file from your computer, or drag and drop your image onto the prompted space.

Next, you should enter your customer service details. This isn't always required, but we do recommend that you at least add a company name and email address so that your customers know how to contact you.

The address is useful for returns. Inkthreadable don't accept returns on behalf of our customers, so you would need to detail your own returns policy on your Squarespace store, plus an address here could help with that.

Now it's time for the main content that will appear on your packing slip! There are quite a few different fields here, so this is what they're all for:

  • Brand colour: This colour will be used as the main colour on the packing slips. You can enter your own HEX code or click the colour block to choose from a selection tool. Use your main brand colour if possible, but we'd recommend choosing a darker rather than a lighter colour since the slip is printed on white paper.

  • Custom title: The custom title is a short-but-sweet acknowledgement to the customer. For added personalisation, use the code ||USERNAME|| to include the user's first name (Thank you, ||USERNAME||! for example). This is the only field that this will work in so take advantage!

  • Custom message: A short snippet of text to provide more information to the customer about you, introduce them to your brand or offer a more in-depth thank you message.

  • Featured Message: Everyone loves a discount, right!? This field is intended as a spot to share a discount code with your customer to encourage repeat orders. Just be sure to make the discount code live in your store too!

Next, it's time to add socials!

Make sure to click the Save changes button to save everything you've done so far!

Selecting your packing slip template

Scroll to the top of the page and yoiu'll see four tabs; Brand, Packing Slip Template, Labels and Sticker. Click the Packing Slip Template tab to view the available templates.

Click the preview button next to each template to see the details entered on the Brand tab in action! Select your preferred template and click the Save changes button.

Your packing slips are now set up! These will be included in all orders placed through your Squarespace store. Your packing slips can be edited at any time, too. Packing slips are printed as your orders are packed to ship, so any changes will take immediate effect and will apply for any orders in your account that haven't yet been dispatched.

Brand Labels

You also have the option to upload brand labels to your Brand Profile. Scroll back to the top of the page and click the Labels tab to upload your labels.

These are optional DTG labels printed in the back of the neck to a maximum size of 8x8cm. Each printed label costs £1.51 and is added to the cost of production when added to your product variant during set-up.

Sizes aren't required on neck labels but it's one route you could go down, most customers simply run with their brand logo.

Information you can include:

  • Logo

  • Size

  • Care instructions (Wash at 30, inside out. Don't iron over print.)

  • Fibre content (100% cotton, for example.)

Please note: Not all products can have printed labels, for example, hoodies with fluffy lining and racer-back vests where the width of printable space in the neck is too narrow.


Packaging logos are the newest addition to the branding options available to you, and they're free! Once you've uploaded a file we'll automatically print and apply your logo to the shipping label on the parcel.

Scroll back to the top of the page and click the Stickers tab. On this page, you can download a PSD template to help create your sticker, but if you don't have access to Photoshop you'll need to create a circular sticker at 5cm x 5cm.

All done! Your logo will now be printed onto the shipping label in greyscale.

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