Please note: the content in this article will soon be out of date!

We're switching all packaging to be plastic free (estimated completion 1st April 2019) and during this time order packaging will be mixed between the old plastic packaging and the new plastic free options. 

This new packaging will not increase the cost of shipping for any customers, and is as follows: 

  • Garments will be packed directly into a weatherproof, kraft paper mailing bag.
  • Mugs will be packed directly into a special smash-proof box.
  • Fine art prints are wrapped in acid free tissue paper and then put into a hardback envelope.
  • Posters are rolled in acid free tissue paper and put into a triangular cardboard tube (with no plastic ends).
  • Phone cases, socks & morfs are packed into a hardback envelope.
  • Cushions will be wrapped in Kraft paper.
  • Canvases are first wrapped in bio-degradable bubble wrap, and then corrugated cardboard.

Plastic for canvasses is the one concession we've had to make. We can't find a suitable alternative to bubble wrap, and canvases are a fragile, high-value product that require the additional protection. 

To combat this we will soon be adding unbranded inserts with canvases to give the end customer alternative uses for the bubble wrap rather than sending it to landfill. If it is thrown away, the bubble wrap we use degrades within 12 - 24 months. 

Until all of the above is rolled into production, the following may still apply for some of your orders: 

How are my products packaged?

Garments are neatly folded and packaged in unmarked, clear biodegradable poly bags and then packed into grey recyclable mailing bags for shipping. Larger orders may ship in cardboard boxes.

All posters are carefully rolled into reinforced triangular mailing tubes. Mugs are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in shatterproof mug boxes. 

For information about other products, please email us.

Can you supply printed labels and swing tickets?

Printed labels can be added via your brand profile. Unfortunately, we don't supply swing tags and we're not able to use them on orders.

Do you supply branded boxes/mail bags?

Unfortunately, we're unable to offer any branded packing solutions. However, we offer alternative free branding options! 

You can set up a packing slip and sticker with your own branded which will be added to your parcel during the shipping process. The packing slip will be included inside the parcel, and the sticker will be applied to the outside of the parcel.

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