Paying for your Shopify orders

Learn how to pay for the orders placed automatically through our Shopify app

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As per our Terms of Use, we process all orders from the date and time that payment is received in full. 

When placing orders manually through your Inkthreadable account you're prompted to pay during the checkout process, but things work a little differently with Shopify fulfilment. The main difference is you're not placing the order yourself - it's automatic. 

So, if you're not present during the order process, how do you pay?

Adding Credits to your Inkthreadable account

Orders placed through our Shopify app are created as new orders in your Inkthreadable account and assigned an Order Number. You'll also be sent an automatic email to say we've received your order for your reference. All orders placed through Shopify can be paid with credits. Crediting your account is simple:

Log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to your Sales page. Add the value of credits you'd like to assign to your account, check the box to approve automatic payment (as long as you approve!) and click Buy.

If you assign £50 credit to your account we will automatically take payment from your credit when orders are placed to a maximum collaborative total of £50 (so two orders at £20 and one at £10 would consume your credit). 

If an order total exceeds the credits currently available in your account the order will not be paid automatically. In this case, we'll send you an email to let you know that payment for your order couldn't be taken and offer a link to follow to complete payment.

Paying for your Shopify orders with credits retroactively

Taking note of the checkbox above, you'll see that when you credit your account the credits will be used to automatically pay for orders as they're received from Shopify. This means crediting your account does not pay for orders placed beforehand. 

To pay for orders using credits after-the-fact you'll need to assign them manually. First, credit your account using the method above and then head to your Unpaid Orders page. 

Here you'll see a list of your orders and some basic information about each. To pay for an order that's still marked, check the box next to its number (or multiple/all boxes if you want to pay more multiple orders at once). 

You'll notice you have a few options available: credit/debit card, PayPal, or credits. Select the Pay by Credits option, and then click the Pay for selected orders button.

Once you're finished you'll have assigned your credits to the order and changed its status to Paid. We'll now process this order and ship within 3 to 5 working days.

Refunds involving credits

Paying with credits does not complicate the refund process. Our policy is always to refund back to the original method of payment, so if we ever need to refund an order that was paid for using credits we'll simply credit your account with the order total.

If you have any questions about crediting your account, assigning credits or anything else regarding paying for Shopify orders just click the chat icon below and send us a message.

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