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How to update your shipping address
How to update your shipping address

Learn how to update the shipping address for an order

Updated over a week ago

Need to update the shipping address for your order? As long the new shipping address is within the same country you can handle this through your Inkthreadable account. 

You can update a shipping address whether the order is paid or not, and at any point before the order is shipped. Once an order has shipped the address can't be updated.

Please note: you can't update the shipping address to a different country or update the shipping method using this process. To achieve either of these please contact our support team by live chat.

Updating your shipping address

Log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to the order tracking page. This page lists the current status of all orders placed though your account.

Use the drop down menu to select the order you'd like to update.

Most of the orders on my test account have been marked as shipped. This means the shipping addresses for these orders can't be updated. 

A couple of orders are still marked as 'received', though! We'll use order #382262 as an example for this guide.

In your own case, select the order you'd like to update the shipping address for. The page will re-load with the order information displayed.

Once loaded, scroll down to the 'shipping address' fields. 

Changing the shipping address for your order is as simple as editing the information in these fields and clicking to save. 

Edit any fields that require updating. Once done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Update order details' button.

And that's it! 

The price won't change since the order will still be shipped to the same country using the same shipping method.

If you need to update the destination country or the shipping method please click the chat bubble to the right to get in touch with our team by live chat.

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