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Learn how to integrate using the Inkthreadable Etsy app

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Are you selling products on Etsy, or thinking about it? The Inkthreadable app integrates to automate order fulfilment, passing your customer orders on for printing as they're placed in your store. All you need to do is install it!

The Etsy app needs to be installed from our site, and you'll need to register an Inkthreadable account to get started. 

If you're already registered you'll need to sign in to install the app. 

Click the Activate Integration button and you'll be prompted to sign in to your Etsy store. If you're already signed in it'll skip to asking for permission for the Inkthreadable app access to your Etsy store. 

Click the Allow Access button and you'll return to the Etsy integration page on our site. 

Next steps

There are a couple of things you'll want to do after linking your Etsy store before to avoid any future complications. It's really just admin stuff, but it's important.

Complete your Etsy store sign up

If your store isn't set up fully you won't be able to export products from your Inkthreadable account. If you've already set up your store you can ignore this step, but if not it's a case of following the prompts from Etsy until you reach your store dashboard. You'll see something like this: 

Getting to this stage involves entering your billing information (Etsy bill you per product per month so they need this info before our app can export products to your store) so you'll know if you're on the right track. 

Complete your Inkthreadable Profile

Along the same lines, at this stage we'd recommend you enter your billing address on your Profile page so there are no delays when your first order is placed. We only need an address, we don't store any card details. But again, if you've already done this you can skip this step. 

Your Etsy store will now be integrated with Inkthreadable's fulfilment service!

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