Our Shopify app is successful because it removes our customers from the order process, freeing up their time to work on other things. Like marketing, or developing new designs and products. Once set up everything just flows. It's a breeze. There's a cliché simile in there somewhere.

Shopify Integration

You're probably well aware by now but we already integrate with Shopify. If you've got an e-commerce store set up on their platform then you can install our app today.

WooCommerce (WordPress) Integration

If you're running a store on WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin, you'll be glad to know that our beta for WooCommerce integration is now live. Currently, the interface is built into your Inkthreadable account, but once it's released as a plugin the interface will be integrated into your WooCommerce store.

You'll need to be signed in to your Inkthreadable account to integrate.


We don't currently integrate with Amazon, but if you're a Shopify user there's an alternative method available! They're currently in the early stages of beta tests for their new Shopify App (which you can download and install, but can only use if you sell in USD). 

The Shopify Gurus we've spoken to have advised the Amazon app will work seamlessly with our own. This means, when installed, you'll be able to list products on Amazon - orders will be sent to your Shopify dashboard and then passed on to us for fulfilment, as long as that product is linked with us.

Ebay, Etsy, Big Cartel, Storenvy, Squarespace, and Magento

We're planning to integrate with these platforms but don't yet have a roadmap for their development. 

The next app we work on will depend on demand for a particular platform, so if you're currently using Ebay, Etsy, BigCartel, Storenvy, Squarespace or Magento and would be interested in integration for any of these platforms, get in touch! 

You can send us an email or message through live chat. If you can't see your current e-commerce platform listed so far then let us know - we're always looking for ways to develop and improve our service.

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