Your Sales page tracks all orders you've placed through your Inkthreadable account. This resource will help you keep on top of exactly what you've ordered, when, how much you paid and when it was shipped. 

I have three orders placed on my account. There's no value the Paid and Shipped columns since none of these orders has been paid for, yet. (I totally intend to...)

Clicking the order number for any of these orders will take me to the Order Tracking page for that particular order, where I can check it's current status and pay for it if it's awaiting payment. 

Crediting your account

Your Sales page is also the place to add credits to your account. 

Credits allow for automatic payment of orders as they're received from an integrated store. It's not necessary to credit your account, it just means you'll need to manually pay for each order that's placed through any integration you've set up. 

If you don't integrate with an e-commerce platform, credits won't be too useful. You're still welcome to credit your account, and then use these credits to pay for future orders, but it's probably much simpler to pay for your orders as you're placing them.

If you'd like any more information about your Sales page or crediting your account, you can find us on live chat by clicking the icon below. Alternatively, you can send us an email or call our office on 01254 777070.

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