You want to start a clothing brand, and you have some designs, maybe you're even well on your way to having a store built, but one of the most difficult elements is always choosing your garments. 

Inkthreadable offer such a varied range that it's not surprising if you're left wondering which products you should use. It's all well and good being told what material, gsm, and fit a garment is but details are no substitution for the real deal. Our customers want to feel their garments in their hands, see their designs brought to life, even taste the ink (don't taste the ink). And we get it. So we offer a 10% discount for your first sample order, regardless of quantity.


When you sign up for an Inkthreadable account we'll send you an email welcoming you to the fold. In that email you'll be given a single use code that'll take 10% off your basket total when you checkout. 

You can use this code to order anything at all. There's no limit on the products or quantities you can order. It's the perfect way for you to sample different brands and styles, or even get some physical stock for you to take great photos with for your website.

Blank garments

Blank garments are available too. The prices on our site include a print, but some customers simply want to order blank garments to make comparisons without spending money on prints. That's understandable. So if you want to order blanks just let us know what you want - size, colour, brand, style etc. Add them to your basket and we'll generate a code to subtract the printing cost from the total in your basket. 

Unfortunately, we can't offer blank samples of things like phone cases, posters, canvases and mugs.

We don't offer returns for any blank garments sold. This is because we can't use them to print on once we've shipped them (we can't guarantee the quality they're returned to us in).

If you can't find your welcome email and sample discount code, or you'd like to talk to us about our 10% discount, you can send us an email or get in touch through live chat.

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