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How to Use Print Templates to Create Your Designs

Get tips for creating templated design files to make high-quality products.

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If you want absolute precision when placing your designs on custom products, look no further than our print templates!

Templates give you total control over precision, accuracy, and consistency while designing. It also allows you to link existing products in your integrations and eliminate potential errors.

Ready to get started?

How to use our print templates

Step 1 - Download the template

Print templates can be found on every product page under the main image.

Step 2 - Open the PSD Template in Photoshop / Affinity

If you don't have either you could use the free online software Photopea.

Step 3 - Add your design

Drag your design file onto the template, or if using text, add text directly onto the template.

Step 4 - Hide the Instructions layer

Click the eye icon next to "INSTRUCTIONS" to hide the layer.

Step 5 - Position your design

Click and drag your design into the position you'd like it to be printed.

If you want a large, centre-chest print, fill the width and position at the top of the centre chest guide.

Or, if you want a left-chest logo, scale your design down to 10cm and position it within the darker guide area.

Step 6 - Hide guide and background layers

Click the eye icons next to the guide and background layers to remove them from view. It's important that you do this before saving, or you will export the design with a solid background.

Step 7 - Export As > PNG

To print your design to high quality, we'll need a transparent PNG file at a resolution of 300ppi.

Click File > Export > Export As... and choose PNG file type.

You're done! πŸ™Œ Now you're ready to upload the file and start creating products.

When you upload the file to a product, you'll see that it fills the whole print area, and your design will already be scaled and positioned to the exact placement for printing!

If you have any questions, please contact our team by clicking the chat icon.

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