Want to sell personalised products on your Shopify store? This personalisation tool allows your customers to apply their names to your print on demand products for that extra special touch! And it's not limited to names, any text-based customisation will work.

Personalising a product on your website might sound complicated, but we've designed this feature for everyone to be able to use! This personalisation tool will automatically update your product variations in real-time, so it's easy to use and there is no need for any coding to set this up.

Please note: This feature is only available for Shopify themes running OS 1.0. If your theme uses OS 2.0 the design editor cannot be added to your website at this time. We're working on a fix and this tool will be updated in mid 2022.

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How does it work?

Enabling personalisation will add our product designer to your website, allowing customers to edit the text field that you've placed on your products. Users will not be able to edit the font, colour or size of the text, only the text itself.

See this in action:

Which products can be personalised?

Personalisation is available for all printed products, including apparel, accessories and wall art. We're working to bring you personalisation for your embroidered items and will update this article as soon as it's released.

How will this benefit my store?

If you already sell personalised gifts, we've just made your life that little bit easier and you won't need to order manually anymore.

Or, if you're running a brand, this feature might help you increase sales by adding personalised products to your existing catalogue. Cross-selling a personalised mug alongside your more fashionable pieces might be the winning ticket to a higher average order value!

How do I set it up?

Step 1: Reinstall the Shopify app

Don't worry, you won't lose any product links as long as you reinstall using the same Shopify store and Inkthreadable account.

To uninstall, click the following link and then "Uninstall" to remove your Shopify app:

Now, re-install the app from the Shopify app store by following this link:

Finally, a page will appear stating that you already have an account here. Click "Link Account" to restore your product links and you'll now have access to our latest features.

Step 2: Create a product for personalisation

For personalisation to be enabled, you must create a new product and export this to Shopify. You can't enable personalisation for an existing product because the text field would not be editable.

To begin creating your new product, upload your design to the product designer using the "Upload" button.

Then position and scale your design within the print area as you'd like it to be printed.

To enable personalisation, we need to add a text field to the design. Click "Add Text" and enter a text string such as "Place your name here".

It's important to enter a long string here since this will be your maximum width for the name. When the customer enters fewer letters, the size of the text will increase.

We recommend using "Place your name here" if you expect names, or you can use whichever placeholder suits the product best.

Please also pay attention to capitalisation, because this will be saved for the personalisation tool. If you enter this text in all caps, then the outcome will always be in caps too. For names, only capitalise the first letter of the text string like so:

After entering your text, click the right arrow to change the font and match your design. This font will be saved to the product and can't be changed afterwards.

Now we've chosen a suitable font, click the right arrow again to change the colour.

Click "Fill", then enter a hex code or use the colour picker to choose a good match for your design.

Finally, you can amend the size of the text to fit the space in your design.

In our example design, we want the name to sit underneath the "Ginger Cat Mum" phrase, so we reduced the width and then dragged the text into place.

Once you're happy with the mockup, click "Create Product" to save this design. This might take a minute or two, but once it's done the page will reload to show you the new product.

Step 3: Upload to your Shopify store

Next, we need to make this product available on your Shopify store.

From the product page, click the "Export Product" button to begin moving this product to Shopify.

On this page, you should add your title, product description, brand and resale price.

Then, add your variations to import. On this example product, we only want to add the White / Orange mug, so we select White / Orange and then click "Add Current".

Once all of the variations you want to offer are in the "Variations to Import" field, you can select "Import to Shopify" to upload this product to your store.

When it's finished, the button will update to "View on Shopify", and we're almost done!

Step 4: Enable personalisation

There's just one more step; we need to enable personalisation to allow your customer to add their own name! To do this, we need to edit the linked product and tick the personalisation box.

First, you should locate the linked product from the Shopify Preferences page:

If you have a lot of products, use the search bar with your Shopify product name to find it easily:

Click "Edit" and then scroll to the bottom of the product.

You'll see the new feature at the bottom below your print files: "Allow customers to personalise text on this product".

Once this is checked, hit Save and we're done!

Before announcing your new personalised items I'd suggest double-checking that it's working as expected in your store. When you preview your product page, you'll see that our product designer has been added, and your customers can edit the text field before placing an order!


Can I customise the tool in my store?

At the moment the personalisation tool features our brand colour, but we're working on changing this to Black to better fit in with your websites.

How do I switch off personalisation?

Simply untick the checkbox on the linked product, and the personalisation features will be removed from your Shopify listing.

Product unlinked and order not come through automatically?

If your product has become unlinked and the order hasn't come through automatically, please do not use the "Send This Order to Inkthreadable" function on Shopify.

This will reset the order and remove the personalisation, and so we suggest placing the order manually on our website if this happens. The name that the customer has inputted will be stored in your Shopify order details, and you can copy this to place the order on our website.

Follow our guide to re-link the product after you have placed the order manually.

If you need any further support, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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