Customers will often get in touch to let you know their order is a gift shipping directly to someone, and that they'd like to include a gift message with the parcel to let them know who it's from.

If your Shopify store is integrated with an Inkthreadable account you can set your store to send gift messages through with an order automatically. Since themes vary and can be edited we can't rely on a dedicated 'gift message' field in your store to collect gift messages and pull them through with your orders, and so we're using the 'Order Notes' field instead.

Please note: if a gift message has been added to an order the resale price will not be included on the packing slip.

Setting up gift messages for your Shopify store

Log in to your Inkthreadable account and head to your Shopify integration page.

You'll see an unchecked box next to a note about gift messages; check this box and click the 'Update' button to enable the gift messages feature for your Shopify store.

With this done your Inkthreadable account is now ready to receive and apply gift messages to your packing slips when orders are processed.

For your customer's gift message to come through attached to an order they'll need to enter it in the 'Order Notes' field when placing their order, regardless of any other gift message options your store has available.

Order notes may not be enabled in your Shopify store by default, and the free theme 'Simple' does not support order notes. For information on whether a paid or custom theme allows order notes you'll need to contact the developer or refer to the supporting documentation for your theme.

Shopify's guide explains how to enable order notes and rename the field to explain what the field is used for your customers.

Once completed, anything added to this field during checkout will be added to the order's packing slip before shipping.

Please note: a maximum of 5 lines can be added as a gift note, so your customers should keep their messages short.

What if my customer missed this field, or my gift messages weren't set up before an order was placed?

You can manually add or edit a gift message to an order at any time up to the order shipping.

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