When using Big Cartel, you do not need to link your products in advance before they sell. Instead, you’ll have the option to review Big Cartel orders as they’re received and link the products on the order.

It’s not possible with the Big Cartel integration to review or link products that haven’t yet been ordered.


When you receive an order on BigCartel for a product that hasn’t yet been linked with Inkthreadable, it will need to be reviewed.

If you have orders needing review, you’ll see this message:

Here you’ll see a list of all historic and new BigCartel orders.

  • By clicking “review draft order”, you’ll be able to see which items are linked or not indicated by a Tick or Cross on the Synced column.

  • Clicking the product’s title will take you to the preferences to link the products.

  • Once all products are linked, the order will automatically complete and appear in your Inkthreadable account. Don’t forget to head to your profile to make payment for the order to enter production.

  • If some products on the order are not fulfilled by Inkthreadable, you’ll have the option to manually “complete” the order without linking all of the products.


Big Cartel stores are restricted to only offering 1 shipping type per country, so it’s not possible to use all of Inkthreadable’s service options (Regular, Recorded, Courier).

When in the BigCartel Integration Preferences of your Inkthreadable account, you’ll see these settings:

The options selected here will become the default option used for all orders in your Inkthreadable account. It’s not possible to change the shipping type of an order, so be sure to update this before you make your store live.


By using the Big Cartel integration before it’s public release, you understand that there may be bugs in the software.

It’s your responsibility to check that all orders sync with Inkthreadable completely and correctly and that the order contains all of the correct items. We recommend doing this before making payment for an order so that any issues can be rectified easily before it enters production.

We appreciate if you can provide any bug reports by completing this form.


This list will continue to be updated.

  • The ability for a user to specify that they never want Inkthreadable to fulfil a specific product.

  • Change wording of “Review Draft Order” when order is Complete.

  • Dedicated button to link products at rather than clicking the product title.

  • Provide an email notification to prompt users when they have an order pending requiring action.

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