To get started you're going to need to know how to submit requests to the Inkthreadable API. 

Each API request should include your identity by specifying AppID and Signature.

  • The AppID is a static value which, can be taken from your API Settings page. 

  • The Signature value will need to be generated at your side as SHA1(request body + Secret Key).

  • The Secret Key is an auto-generated value, which can be taken from your API Settings page.

POST: For API requests using this method, you'll need to include the whole content of the request.

: API requests using this method requires everything after the ? symbol, excluding your Signature parameter. 

Request formats

Requests can be made in either JSON or XML:

Requests: Requests sent using GET can use either JSON or XML formats. If you're using POST, you'll need to specify the format of your requests using Content-Type. All answers to these requests will be in the same format as the format of the request.

Answers: If you're using GET, the format of answers will need to be specified using the 'format' parameter. You can use either 'JSON' or 'XML' as the value - if omitted this will default to 'JSN'.

What's next?

Creating and processing orders using Inkthreadable's API.

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