Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our supply chain, Inkthreadable is currently fulfilling orders at a limited capacity. 

What does this mean?

Some products can be fulfilled with only slight delays, but other products may only be available in certain variants or not at all. 

You can find out how the products you use have been affected in our detailed spreadsheet. 

Can I still place orders?

Yes, you can still place orders - either manually or through an integrated store. The Inkthreadable website and other digital services remain unaffected. 

If we receive an order we can't currently fulfil it will be held until it can be. Once we can source these products again we will fulfil held orders in chronological order by date & time paid.

Is delivery affected?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affect all aspects of daily life, including delivery networks. Royal Mail is experiencing delays in the UK. 

International delivery speed depends on how the country in question has been affected. Some countries are experiencing delays, and others have suspended their mail services completely.

We will continue to ship orders which are experiencing delays, but we will hold orders to the countries that have suspended their mail services as per Royal Mail's recommendations.

What if I need to get in touch with Inkthreadable?

To help protect our fulfilment team from COVID-19 our support team is working remotely.

You can contact our team through the regular channels, though our phone lines are currently un-manned since we're not in the office. You can email info@inkthreadable.co.uk for general support, or just click the live chat icon below to send a quick message. In either case, our support team will get a response to you insanely quickly (during office hours).

You can read more about our reactions to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in our blog post

Stay in touch with us and other like-minded customers

It can get a little lonely in isolation. 

So, join our Facebook Group if you fancy getting to know other like-minded entrepreneurs... or even if you just need a space to escape the Coronavirus doom-and-gloom. It’s a closed group so your customers/Facebook friends won’t see what’s posted.

And whatever you do: stay safe, stay home

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