Stanley/Stella are updating their product range

They're still the socially responsible, eco friendly brand they've always been, but their products are being reimagined for contemporary fashion, with new products going live from 2nd January 2019.

The update will see the majority of Stanley/Stella products listed in our catalogue phased out and replaced with a new alternative. It means if you're currently using Stanley/Stella products in any capacity this update is very likely to affect you, and you will need to take action ASAP to avoid the update affecting your orders.

But don't worry, we're here to help you make the switch! 

First of all, a few products are not being discontinued. These are: 

So there's no need to take any action with these products. If you currently use any of them you can rest easy knowing you don't have to change a thing! 

Another product isn't being discontinued, but if you use it you may want to consider switching to its new equivalent.

It's the Stanley Leads. It's staying, but with vastly reduced colour options. The new alternative product is mentioned below, and if you currently use the Stanley Leads for it's wide range of colour options we'd definitely recommend swapping!

Before we detail how to swap your products to the new products, let's go through what they are: 

So, what's being updated?

These products are being discontinued soon, but the new alternatives are updated versions (so a very close match). 

So, what's new? 

We're not just launching alternatives for the products currently available; we've added a total of 32 products to our catalogue. It's the biggest update for a single brand we've ever had!

  • Stanley Dedicator: Men's polo available for embroidery.
  • Stanley Runs: Men's vest available for printing
  • Stanley Shuffler: Men's long sleeve t-shirt available for printing
  • Stanley Sparker: Men's heavy t-shirt available for printing & embroidery
  • Stanley Stroller: Men's sweatshirt available for printing & embroidery
  • Stella Devoter: Women's polo available for embroidery
  • Stella Dreamer: Women's vest available for printing
  • Stella Lover: Women's t-shirt available for printing
  • Stella Singer: Women's long sleeve t-shirt available for printing.
  • Stella Trigger: Women's hoodie available for printing & embroidery
  • Stella Tripster: Women's sweatshirt available for printing & embroidery

In 2018 we had only one Stanley/Stella product available for kids, and now there are seven! 

We've also added a dedicated range of unisex products, along with more products for men and women and even an embroidered tote bag! And it's all based on feedback from you, our customers, so getting in touch to request something does pay off. 

The main event: making the switch

A brand phasing out the majority of their catalogue is a little daunting at first, especially if you're using them. But the good news is that Stanley/Stella have launched new equivalents for each product that's being phased out so you're not going to be left without a blank to swap to. 

But please bear in mind that whilst every product is being replaced, it's possible that not all colours available for the old will be available for the new. If you find yourself in the position of not being able to use the same colour you'll need to swap to the closest alternative, to another colour completely, or consider removing the product from sale. And if you do swap to an alternative colour (and you're integrated) make sure you update your mock up images, too.

The action you'll need to take will depend on how you place orders through Inkthreadable. 

Manual orders

If you're not integrated, this is you. You place orders by logging in to your Inkthreadable account, adding products to your basket and checking out with your customer's shipping details. 

To swap to Stanley/Stella's new products you'll need to create new products using the updated styles listed above. 

Stanley/Stella are phasing out their older styles right now - once they run out of stock, they'll be gone and we'll have to remove them from our catalogue. So it's important you create your new products and switch to using them as soon as possible. 

Integration orders

If you have a store integrated with your Inkthreadable account, this is you. Orders are placed automatically when your customer orders without any input from you. 

Since you're removed from the order process, you need to update the linked product to the new Stanley/Stella style ready for when your customer places an order. If you've never done this before it's a simple process to learn, and once you've done it once you'll be a pro. 

The process will be slightly different depending on the platform you're integrated with.   If it's Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy follow this guide, and if you use EKM you can scroll past to the section below just for you. 

Shopify, WooCommerce & Etsy

The best way to update the linked product is by logging in to your Inkthreadable account and heading to your integrated store's Preferences page. 

This method will not delete the product page from your store. It's the best option for SEO purposes since the legacy value of your product page increases over time, positively affecting your store's ranking. It's a minimal effect, but it all adds up. 

Please note: There is an alternative method for swapping products that may be quicker, but it will delete your current product pages (which isn't recommended for the above SEO reasons). This second method is detailed further below.

To continue with this first method, click any of the links below to open to the correct Preferences page for you: 

Be patient - depending on how many products you have in your store this may take a minute or two to load. But once loaded, locate the first Stanley/Stella product you need to update. 

This Unisex Skull T-Shirt product is using the Stanley Hips so it needs updating to the Stanley Sparker, as listed above.

Click the Edit button. 

On the product Edit page you'll see a list of all variants and what they're linked to, and right at the top of the list you'll see a button labelled Change. Click this, and select the product you're updating to. 

If you know the product name it's much quicker to use the search function, otherwise you can navigate through the catalogue to find your product. 

When you select a new product the progress bar will drop to 0%, and all variants will become unlinked. Don't worry, this is supposed to happen! 

The next step is re-linking all variants to the correct size/colour. 

Please note: It's possible that the colour you used to use may not be available for the new product. In this case you'll need to either link to the closest alternative or consider removing the product from sale. 

Work your way down the list of variants, selecting the size, colour and branding options for each. 

The next step is to edit the mockup images used for the linked product. These mockups are used by our production team to help with print positioning and quality checking, so they're important.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit page and you'll see the area for adding mockups. Since the product was re-linked there will be none added, but the old mockup, in this case for the Stanley Hips, will be available. 

This mockup is now based on an old product so we need to upload a new one, again in this case based on the Stanley Sparker. To get this mockup you can follow the guide below.

And once you have it, click the Upload file button and select your new image from your computer, or drag and drop.

If your product has a front and back print you'll want to upload a mockup for each side. Don't forget to save when finished

And once completed you'll see that green 100% linked bar again.

This product has now been swapped from the Stanley Hips to the Stanley Sparker, and all future orders for it will be placed using the updated product. 

There's one final step - adding any new mockups to your store's product page. 

The method for this is different depending on the platform you're using, but it's as simple as navigating to the product page in your store's dashboard and replacing the current mockup images with the new ones you've downloaded for the step above. 

Follow this process for all products (listed above) that are being phased out. 

It's important you do this ASAP since we'll be discontinuing the older products as soon as they're no longer available. If this happens and you haven't swapped to a new product, your own products will become unlinked and orders will not be automatically fulfilled for them.

The deal with EKM

EKM works slightly different to our other integrations. Limitations with the current API mean we can't export to your store directly from your Inkthreadable account, and in the same vein we can't directly edit the Inkthreadable product that's linked to your listed products. 

Instead, the only option is to delete any products listed on your EKM store that are currently using the products being phased out to replace them with products created using the new range.

If you've already exported products to EKM you'll know how it works, but if you need a refresher or you're just getting started with creating products with EKM you can find everything you need to know by clicking below.

Remember, Stanley/Stella are phasing out their products as soon as they're out of stock, and we'll discontinue them from our catalogue in kind, so you need to update your products ASAP. 

The quicker option for Shopify, WooCommerce & Etsy

Remember, this method will delete your current product page, losing any SEO juice it has developed since it was made live. So whilst it's quicker, it's not the recommended method. 

In short, you'll want to create a new product and export it to your linked store, and then delete the old product from your store. 

The method for this varies depending on which platform you're using, but since you're already integrated you'll be familiar with how it all works. 

Though if you need a hand with this method, or anything else mentioned in this article, you can message our support team on live chat, send an email to or call the office on 01254 777070.

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