Once you're integrated with Etsy you'll want to start syncing your products. The process for this will be different depending on whether or not you already have existing products listed in your Etsy store, but the method for each is quite straightforward. If you haven't already integrated with Etsy then that's your first step. But if you have, let's get started. 

To sync your products you'll need to be logged in to your Etsy store and Inkthreadable account. 

Creating new products

Head to our Products & Prices page. This will load up Inkthreadable's product catalogue for you to select the base product you'd like to use.

If you're new to Inkthreadable, the Suggested Products category might be the best place to start when deciding which products to use. Click this, then select a product. For this example, we're going to select the Canvas CV3001 (but feel free to explore the catalogue and choose anything you like if you'd prefer).

Uploading your design

When you select a product, the page for it will load up and present you with all the options you need to create your first product.

On the left-hand side, you'll see the blank garment with seven icons below. These icons will help you create your product. The first icon you'll need is the upload icon (third from the right, an arrow pointing upwards).

Click this and navigate to your print file. Once uploaded, you can drag and drop, resize or delete the image from the control panel that appears below the mockup. When you're happy with its positioning, click the Create Product button.

Your product is now saved to your Inkthreadable account. Next, you'll want to import this to your Etsy store. To do this, click the import icon (second from the right, the arrow pointing to the right). 

This page allows you to edit your product information before it's exported to Etsy.

Title: The title of your product, what your customer will see when browsing your store. By default, it's a combination of the product you're using and the design title you've added to it, so you more than likely want to change it.

Description: This is the description your customers will see when browsing your Etsy product page. By default, this field is populated with basic product information (material, weight, etc). We'd recommend keeping this information since it's useful for your customers, but it's also a good idea to add a little extra information about your design.

Brand: You can set up more than one brand, so use this field to select which brand you'd like assigned to this product.

Label: Select the brand label you'd like printing in the neck of this garment. The option for a label isn't always available, it just depends on what product you're creating. You can find out more about re-labelling here.

Resale price: Enter the price you'd like to list this product at in your Etsy store.

Published: Use this checkbox to toggle whether or not you'd like this product published as soon as it's imported to your Etsy store.

The options under the Product Options heading will create your product variants in Etsy. You can add one, multiple or all colours and sizes (and any other variants, depending on the product you're creating). Any variations you add will be added to the 'Variations for Import' box. 

Once you're happy with your product details and variants, click button to export your product to Etsy. When the import has completed, the button will change to allow you to view the product listed in your store. Click this to head straight to your Etsy product page, or you can start the product creation process again to build up your store's product catalogue! 

Please note: If you haven't completed the set up of your Etsy store then exporting products won't work. You can find out more about this here

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