To link your products between Inkthreadable and EKM they'll need to be available in your Inkthreadable account. Any products already created can be linked straight away, but if you haven't yet created any products you'll need to do this first.

With products in your account you're ready to link them with EKM. This process involves downloading a CSV from Inkthreadable and uploading it to your EKM store through the Import/Export System feature installed when integrating your EKM store.

It sounds more complicated than it is, but here's a step-by-step guide to show just how easy it is.

First, head to your Products

Here you'll see the designs you've used to create your products. Click one to see a breakdown of all the products that use the design. 

The Alien design has been used to create two products: an EP01 t-shirt and an EPB01 baby t-shirt. We're going to export these to our linked EKM store. 

Unfortunately, this process needs to be done one product at a time. There's no way to mass export products to a CSV file that can upload multiple products to your EKM store. So let's get started.

To export a product to CSV click the export icon beneath any product. It's the one with an arrow pointing out of a box, third from the left in the image above. 

This page allows you to edit your product information before it's exported to a CSV file:

Title: The title of your product, what your customer will see when browsing your store. By default, it's a combination of the product you're using and the design title you've added to it, so you more than likely want to change it.

Description: This is the description your customers will see when browsing your EKM product page. By default, this field is populated with basic product information (material, weight, etc). We'd recommend keeping this information since it's useful for your customers, but it's also a good idea to add a little extra information about your design.

Brand: You can set up more than one brand, so use this field to select which brand you'd like assigned to this product.

Label: Select the brand label you'd like printing in the neck of this garment. The option for a label isn't always available, it just depends what product you're creating. You can find out more about re-labelling here.

Resale price: Enter the price you'd like to list this product at in your EKM store.

Published: Use this check-box to toggle whether or not you'd like this product published as soon as it's imported to your EKM store.

Product options: The options under this heading will create your product variants in EKM. You can add one, multiple or all colours and sizes (and any other variants, depending on the product you're creating). Any variations you add will be added to the 'Variations for Import' box. 

Once you're happy with the product details and variants on this page click the Export to EKM button. This will download a CSV file to your computer. We'd recommend you don't open this file since you might make some changes by mistake.

The next step is to login to your EKM store and head to the Features tab. During the integration process you installed the Import/Export System feature - click on this to load up the interface for importing the product you just created.

Click Import From File and then the Choose File button. Navigate to where you saved the CSV file to your computer and select it, then click the Upload button.

You'll now see your CSV file listed, but the product isn't live in your store yet. You'll now need to check the details in the CSV to make sure there are no errors.

Click the name of your CSV, and then Test for Errors.

Since no errors for this product have been detected you can click Start Import Process to import the product data into your EKM store, and then click Done

If errors are detected you'll have to let us know. We'll rectify any issues and you'll need to re-export the product.

To see this product in your store dashboard head back to the Features tab and click the Advanced Inventory Manager feature that was installed when you integrated your store.

This will display a list of your store's inventory with the new product listed. From here you can edit the product and view it own your store.

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