Packing slips are included in all orders as standard for free, but first you'll need to set up your brand profile to give us the necessary elements to include on yours. To get set up just head to your Brand page and click Add new brand. Or follow our helpful guide.

Almost everything in your brand profile is used for you packing slips. Any brand labels you upload on this page will not be seen by your customer unless selected at checkout; these are the print files we'll use to print your DTG labels.

  • Store name: The name of your store/brand.
  • Customer service phone number: The contact number you'd like to appear on your packing slip for customers to get in touch with you. 
  • Customer service email: The contact email you'd like to use for customer service.
  • Packing slip message: This is a space for you to add a personal message to your customers. We've given instruction for returns, but we've also taken the opportunity to offer a discount code for repeat custom. But you can say anything you like (remember... your customer will see this, so keep it clean!).
  • Brand logo: Upload your brand logo as you'd like it to appear on your packing slip.

Each time you place an order, a packing slip is generated automatically for that order based on the details you've provided above. Using the details we've added, our packing slip would look like this:

To illustrate that it's printed on A4 we've added a border to the packing slip, but in reality there's no border at all. Taking a look you'll see how our system has pulled the information provided from the Ashink brand details and laid it out into a packing slip. 

The Title is top-left and the Logo top-right. The Customer service phone number and Customer service email are both listed under the Contact Us heading towards the bottom, with the Packing Slip information included just above. The THNX15 code is simply to illustrate the idea of offering a discount to repeat customers, it won't knock 15% off your basket total with Inkthreadable!

Opting out of packing slips

If you'd rather we didn't include a packing slip with your orders you can simply skip setting up your brand profile entirely. Since no information will have been provided we'll have nothing to generate a packing slip with, so it won't be generated at all. 

If you'd like any more information about packing slips you can email, call our office on 01254 777 070 or click the live chat icon below. 

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